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The Importance of Rack and Shelf Maintenance & Repair

A warehouse with multiple pallets of goods in shelving

Workplace safety is critical, and proper upkeep of your facilities is one of the most important factors. Making sure you’re performing frequent storage and shelf maintenance is the first step to this safety.

How can something as minor as shelf maintenance and repair matter so much? Read on to learn about the significance of facility repair.

Employee Safety

Employee safety is the first and most important factor of proper warehouse equipment. Unstable shelves can cause heavy, sharp, or otherwise dangerous equipment to fall.

Falling equipment can strike an employee on the head. A drop of just a few inches can be fatal in many circumstances. Disregarding fatalities, severe injury is still likely. Keep your employees safe with the most secure shelving Vancouver can offer. Your employees will enjoy working for you in a safe, comfortable environment.

Asset Safety

While your employees should be your top priority, your assets also risk breaking from poor maintenance. For example, pallet racking your products with broken, unstable, or dirty pallets may damage your goods.

These pallets may shatter during transportation, ruining your goods. Faulty shelves may cause your products to crash to the ground and break.

Protect your goods by storing them properly. Schedule regular inspections to ensure your facility is as safe as it needs to be.

Proper Storage

Poorly storing your products can lead to situations that are severe without damage. For example, do you have large shelves where you store the bulk of your products?

If these shelves fail, the products falling may not encounter damage. However, there are several other risks that could ruin your goods.

The shelves buckling could cause your products to fall in a heap. Organizing or properly storing the goods may then become difficult or impossible.

For some products, they may cause an issue when mixed. What if a shelf containing chemicals buckles and causes the stored product to mix? The issue goes from spilled goods to a toxic, unsafe environment.

Compliance Laws

Finally, and most simply, shelf maintenance is a crucial part of staying compliant with workplace laws. If you aren’t obeying the proper guidelines for shelving that WorkSafeBC/WCB Alberta puts forward, they may fine you heavily.

You should understand and obey compliance laws. Not only will they keep your employees and workplace safe, but they’ll also prevent the headache of poor inspections.

Keep Your Workplace Safe with the Best Storage & Shelving Solutions in Vancouver

Keeping up with your shelf maintenance is a critical part of ensuring safety for your workplace. Schedule regular inspections of your facility to ensure that no unexpected damage goes unnoticed. If you’ve located some sort of issue with your shelving and storage, act quickly to solve the problem.

For more information on keeping a safe work environment in Vancouver, be sure to contact us at ARPAC Innovative Material Handling Solutions. We’ll be happy to help you with safety, training, and support for your needs!