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Modula Vertical Lift Modules: Elevating Warehouse Storage Efficiency

Modula vertical life modules

Profitability comes with intelligent planning of your operations. The more efficient you are, the more profit you can make.

That is why many warehouses enjoy the concept of vertical life modules for enhancing efficiency and maximizing space utilization. MODULA Vertical Life Modules are popular in this way, and here is why.

How VLM Works

It is an automated, vertical storage system that takes a minimum of floor space because the space utilization goes up to the ceiling. The MODULA lift is perfect for a warehouse layout because you can quickly access a large inventory.

VLM (vertical life modules) are safe and deliver goods to operators automatically and quickly by scanning a barcode or touching a Copilot controller. One of the most significant benefits is that picking errors reduce dramatically. That is because efficiency and productivity are boosted.

Vertical lift modules get the right person the correct part. VLM works at an optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

Process More in Less Time

Even the most complex order can be completed with high quality. While retrieving parts, there is no waiting between jobs, so even during peak workload times, you can achieve more production quickly.

Maximum Storage Density

When items are placed in a tray, the height detection system can evaluate their vertical dimensions. Therefore, the MODULA Vertical Lift Modules make real-time calculations where adjustments are needed to create the maximum storage density for each unit.

Inventory Control and Security

Many industries require a reliable locking mechanism and validation feature for their inventory. These vertical lifts are perfect because every unit has password protection. Only an authorized operator with a personal badge can use the VLM machine with an access code entry.

Every log-in is tracked, and all picking operations are monitored, even to a particular tray. The MODULA Lift’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure, and training times are short.

Scalable Design

No matter the type or size of the items you must store, the trays can be organized to suit your warehouse needs. VLM offers partitions and dividers. Therefore, your organization can create the number of storage locations you need, customized to your business.

Configurations can be adjusted at any time, so if the warehouse requires changes to quantity or size, it’s a quick fix. This is especially beneficial for seasonal demands.

Implementing Vertical Lift Modules in Your Warehouse

There has never been a better time to grow your business, and vertical lift modules can help you achieve higher profits. They reduce errors with automation, maximize the warehouse’s layout, and are entirely customizable.

With 50 years of experience in material handling for Western Canada, we aim to add value for our customers with simple, cost-effective solutions. We can achieve this by integrating our solutions with your material handling scheme.

ARPAC is proud to be a MODULA dealer for the British Columbia and Alberta. If you are ready to maximize the efficiency of your facility, this is the time to call. Contact ARPAC today and learn more!