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large warehouse with forklift

Fleet Analysis

Whether you have existing equipment or you are planning a new building and fleet, we understand warehousing and what is required. From a single forklift to Corporations with multiple locations, and a fleet of several hundred lift trucks, we can provide a total solution Fleet Management program that is right for you.

Here’s a brief guideline of how we get started:

  • Current equipment inspection.
  • Analyze the application where the equipment works.
  • Discuss your list of needs and wants.
  • Assess the economic life cycle of existing equipment.
  • Make recommendations of the best service options for you.
  • Provide a business plan for the replacement of tired equipment.

The first steps are important, but it’s the follow up where we earn our stripes. The next steps are:

  • Generation of service reports focussed on improving your equipment’s productivity.
  • Review the reports with you reflecting improvements, or areas where costs may are out of line.
  • Make recommendations on changes that will reduce your costs.
  • Keep you updated on any innovative product changes that make sense for you.
  • Follow up with you based on your timeline and needs.

In the end you may decide you don’t want to be in the forklift business, let us propose Long Term Rentals. The LTR options we can provide are tailored to your needs, while offering the flexibility to adapt to a changing workplace.