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Electric Forklifts

Electric battery-powered forklifts have become crucial in the lift truck and material handling industry Accounting for 60% of the market, electric forklifts have not only transformed industries’ operational strategies but also present numerous advantages over their internal combustion engine (IC) counterparts, providing environmentally friendly alternatives in material handling.

ARPAC is your trusted source for electric forklifts in Western Canada. We have an impressive selection of forklifts for every industry. We’re also proud to be an authorized distributor of UniCarriers and Crown electric forklifts.

Contact us today to learn more about our new and used electric forklifts and rental options.

Benefits of Electric Forklifts

There are many advantages to using electric forklifts for your business.

  • Reduced operating costs. Electric forklifts are cheaper to own than IC forklifts. For example, you don’t have to buy fuel or fluids like oil and coolant. Moreover, electric forklifts require minimal maintenance.
  • Lower emissions. Electric forklifts produce zero emissions. This is especially beneficial to companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and be more sustainable. It also makes them safe to use indoors.
  • Less maintenance. Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than IC lifts and require less maintenance. There’s no oil to change, coolant to flush or filters to throw out. Therefore, electric forklifts have less downtime and are cleaner to operate.
  • Less noise. Prolonged exposure to loud noises on job sites can negatively affect employees and customers. Electric forklifts are quiet and therefore preferred for high traffic areas.
  • Safer operation. Electric forklifts rely on heavy batteries and therefore have a lower centre of gravity. This makes them more stable than IC forklifts. They also offer better rear visibility because there aren’t any exhaust or fuel tanks in the way. Additionally, electric forklifts have a tighter turning radius, making them safer to operate than IC lifts.

Forklift Certification

Before purchasing an electric forklift for your business, you must ensure your employees can operate it. For instance, anyone operating a forklift must have specific electric forklift training. Your employees must also have walkie stacker operator training to legally drive an electric pallet jack. Fortunately, ARPAC offers on-site training and certification for the following classes of equipment:

  • Class 1 – Electric motor rider trucks
  • Class 2 – Electric motor narrow-aisle trucks
  • Class 3 – Electric motor hand trucks
  • Class 4 and 5 – Internal combustion engine trucks
  • Class 6 – Electric and internal combustion engine tractors
  • Class 7 – Rough terrain forklift trucks

With on-the-job experience and training in adult education, ARPAC’s enthusiastic instructors provide insight into the unique demands placed on material handlers.

Rent Before You Buy

Are you still unsure if an electric forklift is right for you? Do you need help choosing a suitable electric forklift model? Fortunately, ARPAC offers forklift rentals. This gives you the freedom to test out different models and designs to help you find the best electric forklift for your business.

New & Used Electric Forklifts for Sale Across Western Canada

ARPAC is your go-to electric forklift dealer in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and throughout Western Canada. We have an extensive selection of forklift parts and provide on-site service calls for repairs and maintenance. We respond to every call in two hours or less.

Contact ARPAC today to learn how we can help you redesign your warehouse space and improve the productivity of your operation with equipment from UniCarriers and Crown. We have offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge that serve all of Western Canada.

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