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Loading Dock Maintenance


At ARPAC, we know that proper maintenance is critical to ensuring productivity and safety. Below is some important information on maintenance.

Dock Equipment

Since dock equipment operates in a hostile and hectic environment it’s critically important that it be maintained properly and periodically. Prevent safety and productivity problems and damage to your warehouse, dock equipment and vehicles by making regular maintenance a priority.

ARPAC’s factory trained service technicians are available on call to provide thorough inspections. You can also reduce costs and minimize downtime by using our Periodic Maintenance Program.

Storage Products

Damage Resisting Devices Protect Storage Products

ARPAC offers several devices to increase the ability of pallet rack components to withstand casual abuse from forklifts. To learn more about bracing, column guards, safety bars and row end protectors, visit our Mastorak page and read our brochure for product information.

Maintain a Systematic Inspection Program

Regardless of the type of construction and the number of damage resisting devices utilized, it’s important to develop and maintain a systematic safety inspection program. Not only will this reduce dangerous accidents, but also it’ll limit costly downtime by ensuring warehouse efficiency.

Always make sure damaged components are immediately offloaded and tagged “out of service” until the damage is repaired or the components are replaced. All inspections and repairs must be performed by qualified personnel to ensure workplace safety.

Please contact us to discuss a maintenance program that will address your needs.