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Choose the Right Walkie Forklift Model for Your Warehouse Layout

Right Walkie Forklift Model

The warehouse is often the backbone of a business. Not only does it store products, but it also moves and ships products from there.

You need the right equipment to get the job done to have the most streamlined warehouse. This includes using a walkie forklift model to navigate the tight spaces in the warehouse.

So, how do you know what type of machine will best meet your warehouse demands? Learn about walkie forklifts and what to consider when adding one to your fleet.

What Is a Walkie Stacker?

A walkie stacker is a unique type of equipment geared specifically for use in a warehouse setting. The machine is small enough to navigate the warehouse aisles and sharp turns but still does the heavy lifting.

A walkie stacker looks much like a forklift from the front. Yet, the operator walks behind it while operating it. Its forks work with the mast to do heavy lifting like you might expect from a forklift.

How’s a Walkie Stacker Different from a Forklift?

While a forklift and a walkie stacker are in the materials handling business, they aren’t the same. They share some features, including the forks that go into a pallet and the mast to raise and lower the forks.

Walkie stackers are smaller and often work better in small warehouse settings. They can navigate tight aisles and turns. The operator walks behind the walkie-stacker and maneuvers it from the controls in the back. A forklift driver is inside the cab of the machine.

Choosing a Walkie Forklift Model

Like many versions of a warehouse, there are also many types of walkie stackers. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the best one for your warehouse.

Warehouse Specifications

First, the warehouse design and layout. You need to know the width of your aisles and the height of your shelving.
This impacts the type of machine you select because you want it to fit into all the warehouse spaces.

Lifting Needs

As you consider your warehouse storage, another essential consideration is your lifting needs. You want to consider how high I need to lift loads? How much weight will I need to lift?

You never want to find yourself with a load that’s too heavy for the equipment, as it can be a safety issue.

Safety Features

Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on your space and the lifting needs you require, look at the equipment. In a busy warehouse, safety is an important consideration.

Look closely at what safety features are a part of the equipment.

Training Requirements

Often, there are training requirements for equipment, especially if you’re lifting loads. You need to check into safety training and requirements. You want to work with a vendor who can help you with operating and safety training.

Select the Best Walkie Forklift Model from ARPAC!

A walkie forklift model can be a real workhorse in your warehouse. With many different types, from walkie stackers towalkie & rider pallet jacks, you can just find the model you need to meet your warehouse needs.

For all your forklift operational needs, reach out to ARPAC today to learn more! We have locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge to serve Western Canada.