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Dynaco Doors

Improve Your Facility’s Security and Airflow

ARPAC proudly carries a wide selection of high-speed doors in Vancouver and surrounding areas in Western Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. High-speed doors are especially beneficial when you place them on your facility’s service or parking garage doors, which are likely to see large amounts of traffic and usage. High-speed doors not only reduce the amount of time you have to wait for them to open and close, but they also provide additional security for your facility and help you prevent unnecessary airflow, which can result in bonus energy savings.

Proud to Carry DYNACO Roll-Up Doors

DYNACO is a well-trusted manufacturer of high-speed roll-up doors that ARPAC is proud to be associated with in Western Canada. Installed in various manufacturing plants, processing facilities, pharmaceutical environments and freezer locations worldwide, DYNACO doors are high-quality and cost-effective products. Among ARPAC’s specific high-speed door offerings from DYNACO are: