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Forklift training instructor onsite

Train-the-Trainer Programs

APAC has developed a Train-the-Trainer program to provide your designated in-house instructor with the ability to develop their own training program and skills. This multi-day program is focused on providing the candidate with the fundamental skills needed to teach their own course and ensures a solid understanding of the subject matter.

Learning Tools to Benefit Your Unique Operating Environment

Our methods will develop a highly competent instructor who understands the importance in maintaining fundamental operating and safety standards. During the course, participants will practice classroom management, evaluation skills and explore learning tools that benefit your unique operating environment.

Other topics covered include:

  • Regulations and documentation
  • Instructional techniques
  • Presentation skills
  • Presentation practice (homework)
  • Using training materials and resources
  • Evaluating tips

Following successful completion of the course, each new instructor will receive the necessary training materials to pass on what they have learned in a meaningful and effective manner. If required, further training supplies are available for purchase.

Operator certification is included in this course. The two-day program is specific to one model of equipment. If required, additional models can be added to the curriculum. Please contact our training department with your requirements and we will develop a program specific to your needs.