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Forklift Rentals in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Western Canada

Do you have a warehouse job that needs extra muscle? Renting a lift truck may be the answer. Whether you need a forklift for a day, week, month or longer, ARPAC has more than 400 rental units available in B.C. and Alberta. Our long- and short-term rental options can help you avoid the hassles of purchasing, and our rent-to-own service can set you on a path to ownership. Contact us today to get a quote on a forklift rental for your operation.

4 Reasons to Choose Renting Instead of Purchasing

Opting for forklift rentals has several benefits that may outweigh the advantages of purchasing the equipment outright. Here are just four:

  1. Enhanced flexibility. The needs of your business can vary over time, and renting forklifts lets you remain adaptable. If your operation has occasional work surges, you can adjust your fleet size without committing to a capital investment. This flexibility enables you to efficiently manage resources and allocate funds where needed.
  1. Low maintenance costs. Forklifts require regular servicing, inspections and repairs. Over time those maintenance costs can add up. By opting for a rental, you can shift the responsibility of forklift fleet maintenance to us. You reduce the burden on your staff and eliminate maintenance expenses.
  1. Enjoy the latest equipment and technology. At ARPAC, we’re constantly updating our fleets with newer models with advanced features and improved efficiency. By renting with ARPAC, you continue using state-of-the-art forklifts without paying for frequent equipment upgrades.
  1. No storage headaches. Short-term forklift rentals eliminate the need for storage space, which may be limited for some businesses. Renting a forklift for the day, week or month allows you to utilize your space more effectively and avoid the costs associated with long-term asset depreciation.

At ARPAC, we give businesses in Western Canada flexibility and choice when it comes to forklift rentals. We offer short-term, long-term and rent-to-own options.


Short-Term Forklift Rentals

Our short-term rental (STR) program includes late-model, well-maintained forklifts with a wide variety of specifications to service both indoor and outdoor applications. Ask about our special service rate when your existing equipment is being repaired by our Service Department.

Long-Term Forklift Rentals

Preserve capital and available credit to grow your business while avoiding the purchasing and servicing processes associated with forklift ownership. We offer a simple long-term rental (LTR) program to meet your forklift requirements, whether it’s one unit or a fleet.

Don’t lose time comparing suppliers. Let our specialists supply and maintain your equipment at the lowest possible cost, freeing you up to concentrate on the successful operation of your business. We’ll even replace the units when newer technology becomes available.

Not sure if renting forklifts is the best option for your business? Test-drive our LTR program with a rent-to-purchase (RPO) option.

Rent-To-Own Forklift Program

ARPAC’s rent-to-purchase (RPO) service combines the investment value of ownership with the flexibility of renting. Unlike conventional forklift rentals, where the equipment is returned after the rental period ends, our RPO allows you to make regular rental payments that accumulate value toward ownership of the forklift.

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in the RPO program:

  • It can be a manageable route to ownership, enabling you to spread out the cost over time
  • You get to observe equipment performance under real-world conditions without risking the full cost of purchasing outright
  • You have the flexibility of allocating more of your business’s financial resources to other areas of the operation

Speak with a member of the ARPAC team for guidance on which rental solution is best suited to your business.


Whatever Your Job, We Have A Solution!

ARPAC’s inventory of over 1000 rental units includes various types of machines for heavy lifting and toting.


Contact a Location Near You to Request a Quote:


Request A Forklift Rental in Edmonton

Bring a new level of efficiency to your warehouse with a forklift rental from ARPAC in Edmonton. Serving clients throughout Western Canada, we have long been a trusted name in the Edmonton area. Call, email or fill out our form to inquire about an affordable forklift rental from APRAC.

Forklift Rental in Vancouver At Affordable Rates

Elevate your operation and increase productivity with a forklift rental in Vancouver from the material handling leaders at ARPAC. As an authorized dealer for Unicarrier and Crown forklifts, we have reliable, industry-leading equipment at affordable rental rates. Contact our Vancouver location to request a quote.

Need A Forklift Rental in Calgary?

If your warehouse facility in Calgary needs a lift, consider a forklift rental from ARPAC. Featuring a wide range of models from the industry’s top manufacturers, we provide the exact functionality you need at rates you can afford. Request your rental today by contacting our Calgary location.


Book Your Forklift Rentals in Lethbridge

If you’re a small- or medium-sized operation in Lethbridge, a forklift rental is an excellent choice to keep your business moving and your finances flowing. Contact our location in Lethbridge for more information.