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Layout & Engineering

ARPAC’s team of qualified storage system designers and engineers ensure your warehouse is not only effectively designed to increase your storage potential, but complies with all current municipal bylaws and will be safe to operate. Below are the key highlights of our layout and engineering service for our storage products.

Layout & Design

Our design and sales teams collaborate to create a layout that responds to your Needs Assessment. Layout drawings, including plan and elevation views, specify capacities, including seismic loads.


Our Inventoried Storage products are engineered to attain the typical safe workloads required. However, certain applications, particularly those requiring building permits or in high seismic zones, must be individually analyzed and have drawings sealed by a professional engineer. Our engineers can also assist with permit requirements and provide assurances that our designs meet local building authority requirements.


It’s important that component specifications match the requirements identified during the layout, design and engineering phases. All general descriptions and special requirements are expressed in terms consistent with industry standards.

Engineering Analysis is critical in high seismic zones, please contact us to assist with additional information.

Building Code Guidelines