• MPC 3000 Series

    MPC 3000 Series
    MPC 3000 SeriesMPC 3000 Series
    MPC 3000 Series

    MPC 3000 Series

    • Order Picker with Mast
    • Capacity up to 2600 lb
    • Lift height p to 169 In
    Versatility by Design
    With counterbalance engineering, ergonomic design and mast options, it is versatile enough to do the work of stackers, counterbalance, pallet trucks and more. It can reach high and handle loads while being small and nimble enough to maneuver tight spaces with ease.


    Agile Adaptability
    To rack and back, the MPC Series is a truck for every task.

    • On the Dock
    On the dock, it functions like a pallet truck. Position and move materials quickly and safely with excellent visibility, precise control and counterbalance design.
    • Pallet Transport
    When transporting, it moves like a pallet truck with smooth, strong performance, sensor-controlled speed and acceleration, and electronic power steering.
    • Stock Replenishment
    With a high-lift mast and adjustable forks, the MPC Series handles stock replenishment and retrieval like a stacker/counterbalance truck, eliminating the need for additional equipment to accomplish the task.


    Built for Comfort
    The MPC Series optimizes order picking by allowing operators to raise and lower the forks so they can build pallets at a safe and comfortable height.
    Crown engineers designed the MPC series with best-in-class visibility, maneuverability and control so operators can do their best work all day long.


    Operators can confidently handle full-capacity loads at height with the built-to-last I-beam mast design of the MPC Series.
    A durable, heavy-gauge steel skirt and covers protect valuable truck components and reduce truck damage in congested environments and demanding applications. Large, sturdy load wheels extend load wheel life and are designed for easy access and quick replacement.


    Experience the Crown Advantage of the MPC Series