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WAV 60 Series



  • 200 lb. Load Tray Capacity
  • 250 Load Deck Capacity

WAV 60-84 (Yellow)

  • 84 in. platform height

WAV 60-118 (Orange)

  • 118 in. platform height


The Wave Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary concept designed by Crown to help you work faster, safer and wiser. The Wave works efficiently and quietly in almost any indoor application; elevates a person and a load (one normally carried by hand) up to effective work heights of seventeen feet; travels nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed; navigates easily in the tightest spaces; and turns within its own radius. The Wave vehicle replaces the need for rolling ladders and warehouse ladders typically used in warehouse and maintenance applications.

Features & Benefits

WAV 60 Spec Sheet


Experience the Crown Advantage of the WAV 60 Series!

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