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TT-316 Tow Tractors


TT-316 3-Wheel Tow Tractor

  • No Load, 16,000 lb. Tow

The TT-316 tow tractor is designed to provide reliable service in rugged applications. The three-wheel design and low center of gravity ensure maximum safety without compromising maneuverability.

Utilizes a 36 volt GT drive system equipped with a solid state controller, 7.6 hp DC separately excited motor, and an automotive differential to provide rugged and reliable service for years to come.

Ergonomics and operator safety are key design features. Tilt/telescoping steering wheel, spring loaded adjustable operator seat, and improved visibility while maneuvering in tight spots makes the TT-316 Tractor one of the most modern tow tractors available.

When equipped with a lift out or roll out battery box system, the TT-316 Tractor can be utilized 24 ours a day.

With a smooth ride and effortless operation provided by front and rear suspension, the TT-316 Tractor is the operator’s choice.