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TSP 7000 Series


TSP 7000 Series

  • Turret Stockpicker
  • 3300 lb. Capacity
  • 56’ Maximum Lift Height

TSP 7000 Turret Truck — Setting a New Standard in Throughput

The TSP 7000 Series turret truck offers unrivaled lift and lower speeds so operators can move more product in and out of the warehouse. The unique MonoLift™ mast provides the ultimate in visibility and stability all the way to 675″ — maximizing your vertical warehouse space.

A Faster, More Versatile Very Narrow-Aisle Turret Truck

With a maximum capacity of 3300 pounds, the 72/80 volt TSP 7000 operates in a very narrow-aisle space only inches wider than the truck itself. Free-lift (TF), no free-lift (TN) and triple-telescopic (TT) mast options are available to suit most any turret truck application.

Features & Benefits

TSP 7000 Spec Sheet


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