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TSP 6500 Series


TSP 6500 Series

  • Turret Stockpicker
  • 3300 lb. Capacity
  • 44’ Maximum Lift Height

TSP 6500 Turret Forklift — Comfortable, Stable and Energy Efficient

The TSP 6500 Series offers versatility in a turret forklift to handle a wide range of warehousing challenges, including full pallet handling and case picking. Industry-unique features like the MonoLift™ mast, MoveControl® seat and Crown’s regenerative lowering and breaking systems give you the edge to get more done while using less energy.

Very Versatile: Very Narrow-Aisle Forklift

Lifting to heights of 531″ and with a maximum capacity of 3300 pounds, the 48 volt TSP 6500 is built for very narrow-aisle forklift operation — only needing inches of room to maneuver confidently, quickly and accurately. Free-lift (TF), no free-lift (TN) and triple-telescopic (TT) mast options are available to suit most very narrow-aisle turret forklift applications.

Features & Benefits

TSP 6500 Spec Sheet


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