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MX-1600: Maintenance Expediter

The Taylor-Dunn’s MX-1600 provides a mobile workshop for maintenance workers thus improving repair and productivity by reducing travel time to the service site.

The 36 Volt MX-1600 travels at a maximum speed of 12 mph with a range of 20 miles. the repair vehicle has a tow capacity of 7500 lbs. and a load capacity of 1000 lbs.

With an all welded steel utilized body and frame, this travelling repair shop is built to meet all your service needs for years to come. The MX-1600 is perfect for maintenance applications with a built-in tool box and ladder rack.


  • 2 Person Capacity
  • 7500 lbs. Tow Capacity
  • 12 mph Speed
  • 36 Volt Battery