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GPC 3000 Series


GPC Series

  • Low Level Order Picker
  • Capacity up to 6000lb
The Ultimate Order Picker
Make easy work of complicated tasks and take your order-picking process to the next level with the efficiency, comfort and flexibility of Crown’s GPC Series order picker.
Intelligent Design
The GPC Series order picker is a result of Crown’s research into the interactions of the operator, truck, environment and task. Time-saving features increase efficiency and optimize productivity at every stage of the picking process.
  • Optional pick position controls in the backrest allow the operator to advance the truck while walking.
  • Operators can easily reach second-level pick positions, as needed, with the optional platform lift.
  • Driving performance is optimized with the Crown-built AC traction motor and standard electronic power steering.
Ergonomic Enhancements
Innovative features help minimize the physical demands of order picking, resulting in improved productivity and operator comfort.
  • Contoured backrest and cushioned knee pad panel
Reduce physical stress for the operator while providing durable comfort.
  • X-10 Control Handle
Whether the operator is right or left handed, the ,X10 Control Handle eliminate the need to shift hand positions to reach the controls.
  • Platform Width
A 20.3”-wide operator compartment and a low 5.1” step height make for a comfortable ride and easy on/off tasks.
Productivity Booster
Crown’s QuickPick Remote is a revolutionary innovation in low-level order picking. With a wireless remote and on-truck sensors, this patented technology enables operators to work from behind the truck. In studies, it has been shown to eliminate up to five seconds per pick, saving time, money and operator fatigue. It can also help promote safety and reduce damage with steer correction and obstacle detection.
Experience the Crown Advantage of the GPC Series