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GEM® eL XD: Superior performance to haul up 1400 lbs. of cargo with ease.

The GEM® eL XD is a light utility vehicle can be customized with a variety of carrier and bed options which let you easily load, unload and transport up to 1,400 lbs. of cargo. The vehicle seats 2 and can be powered by a flooded electrolyte, maintenance-free or lithium ion battery that can give you a range up to 120 km. Cold weather and work packages adapt this sturdy vehicle to your environment and business needs.

With its rugged frame, superior comfort and ability to zip into and out of tight spaces, the versatile GEM is built for a variety of applications: Personal Transportation, Shuttle and Tours, Indoor/Outdoor Hauling, Security and Patrol, Hospitality and Housekeeping, Custom Application..


  • 2 people seating
  • 8.7 HP AC Motor
  • Eight 6V flooded electrolyte Batteries

Features & Benefits

GEM®b eL XD Spec Sheet


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