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GEM® e6


GEM® e6: Spacious, comfortable room for six.

The roomy GEM® e6 shuttles up to six people, with an enhanced suspension that accommodates more weight without compromising comfort. Choose from handy under-seat storage and carrier options, too.

This vehicle can be customized with 3 different battery options, an enclosed heated cab and a flatbed to augment under-seat storage. Standard safety features include street tires, an automotive grade windshield and 3-point safety belts.

With its rugged frame, superior comfort and ability to zip into and out of tight spaces, the versatile GEM is built for a variety of applications: Personal Transportation, Shuttle and Tours, Indoor/Outdoor Hauling, Security and Patrol, Hospitality and Housekeeping, Custom Application.


  • 6 people seating
  • 8.7 HP AC Motor
  • Eight 6V flooded electrolyte Batteries

Features & Benefits

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GEM® e6 Spec Sheet


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