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GEM® e2


GEM® e2: Practical people mover for everyday use.

The GEM® e2 offers the smallest footprint and most nimble performance, including a tight turning radius for limited spaces. Drive it indoors or outdoors with ease.

Available in four colours, the GEM® e2 seats 2 and is intended for everyday use as personal transportation. Battery choices ranging from the standard AGM to Lithium ion batteries providing the vehicle with increased range, the basic model can be configured with quarter or half doors, a rear-mounted carrier and beacon or LED bar lights.

With its rugged frame, superior comfort and ability to zip into and out of tight spaces, the versatile GEM® is built for a variety of applications: Personal Transportation, Shuttle and Tours, Indoor/Outdoor Hauling, Security and Patrol, Hospitality and Housekeeping, Custom Application.


  • 2 people seating
  • 6.7 HP AC Motor
  • Four 12V flooded electrolyte Batteries

Features & Benefits

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