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SERCO – SALT Series Air Lift


The SALT Series air lift incorporates a portable design with a safe and clean activation system (no electricity or hydraulics needed) for the most easy-to-use and move lifting power. An airstroke actuator and standard fork pockets assist with its portability and ease of installation.

Design Highlights:
  • Over Pressure Relief Valve
  • Unit standard with Hand Lever Control with 10’ of Hose
  • 6000 lbs. capacity requires 95 PSI air supply
  • Male/Female quick disconnect for air supply
  • Maintenance strut
  • 2 safety chain with shackles each end for tilt
  • Motion stabilizer for tilt to control down only using an air cylinder
  • Meets or exceeds the ANSI MH29.1 standard for industrial scissors lift and ANSI MH29.2 Standard for Tilters

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