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S-700 Series Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain


The Serco S-700 Series foam dock seal with head curtain is able to accommodate a variety of vehicle heights, and is ideal for industrial doors 9 feet high or taller.

A hood-style head curtain seals the rear of the vehicle, while end caps secure the drop curtain to the side pads. Durable fiberglass stays provide stiffness in the top of the curtain for better moisture drainage, while rugged, roll-formed galvanized steel framing increases durability. Seamless aluminum tubing provides the head curtain with additional support.

Design Highlights

  • Roll-formed galvanized steel framing has 5-year warranty against rotting, splitting or cracking
  • Endurance-tested foam core bonded with flexible, non-flammable adhesive
  • Wide selection of coated fabrics provide maximum durability
  • Adjustable head curtain option
  • Specifically created for doors that are 9′ or tall or over
  • Top of hood is tapered forward and securely fastened to building wall
  • Side pad bottoms are tapered to avoid pinching and wear


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