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S-2200 Series Ultra Dock Shelter


Combining the flexibility of a dock seal with the full vehicle access of a shelter, the Serco S 2200 Series Ultra Dock Shelter® provides an effective shield against some of the toughest outdoor elements — such as cold, rain, sleet and snow — outside of your warehouse.

It creates a tight seal between the building wall and the back of a vehicle, providing you with cost-effective energy savings and contributing to the comfort level of your facility. Its durable steel frame comes protected with a 5-year warranty against rotting, cracking or warping.

Design Highlights

  • Raked translucent head frame protects the dock and allows in natural light
  • Overlapping fabric layers offer wear resistance against trailer’s sharp corners
  • Side curtains can be pinned back for extra ventilation during warm months
  • Flexible fiberglass stays ensure that head and side curtain pressure is maintained on the vehicle


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