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S-2000 Ultra-Seal Foam Dock Deal with Head Curtain by Serco


The S-2000 Series ULTRA-SEAL foam dock seal with head curtain features a tight sidewall seal, with the additional benefit of a hood-style head curtain for application with taller doorways while reducing building wall pressure.

The modular hood design includes support pads on seamless aluminum tubing for front support as well as end caps and galvanized steel framing for even greater strength and protection.

The Serco S-2000 ULTRA-SEAL utilizes the same versatile design with an adjustable head curtain that enhances the seal’s effectiveness by accommodating a variety of trailer heights.

Design Highlights

  • Adjustable head curtain for varying trailer heights
  • Extra durable XL-100 Super Fabric curtain
  • Inflatable header option provides tight seal without impeding trailer access at the top
  • Tight sidewall seal
  • Internal retention strap system secures fabric to the inside of the side pad profile minimizing the possibility of pad damage
  • Includes roll formed galvanized steel side and head pad backing
  • Bottom of side pads reinforced to extend seal life


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