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Pushback Racking



The benefit of Push-Back Racking is maximum storage density while maintaining the required number of pick faces. With lanes available in two to six pallet positions deep, Push-Back Racking can offer the extra density required for an efficient use of floorspace.

With welded rails and frames our Push-Back Systems are built with a dynamic racking solution in mind, additionally the wheeled carts are captive within the nested system preventing the misadventure of dislodged carts.

Previous products may have struggled with pallet hang up or cart misalignment, this is no longer an issue due to our linked cart system. When a pallet is removed the balance index forward, and when a new pallet is placed, it rides on it’s own cart.

Some of the Benefits of our Push-Back:

  • Can be retrofitted to drive-in or double deep pallet rack systems
  • Doesn’t require specialized forklift
  • Faster cycle times than drive-in systems
  • Loads index automatically so your forklifts don’t have to enter the system
  • Reduced potential for pallet rack damage when compared to drive-in systems
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