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Pick Module Racking


Pick Module

It’s usually a multi-level structure incorporating live storage systems (carton and/or pallet flow) combined with selective rack or shelving for holding slower moving or reserve SKUs.

Goods may be picked to manually propelled carts, conveyors, powered pallet jacks or other devices to facilitate delivery to a sorting area before shipping.


  • Full and split case picking for medium to fast moving products
  • Often used for grocery, HABA (health and beauty aids) and for general merchandise where a large number of SKUs can be presented in a limited footprint


  • Able to integrate live and static storage within same pick module
  • Also known as a pick tower
  • Can increase picking efficiency in a FIFO (first in first out) basis
  • Facilitates zone picking
  • Not easily reconfigured
  • Offers medium to high-density storage
  • Transportation to and from elevated levels by conveyor, forklift or elevator