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Pallet Flow Racking


Pallet Flow

The pallet flow rack is a high-density live storage system. Unit loads are placed on a conveyor or wheel track at the charge end of a sloping lane and are gravity fed toward the retrieval end.

Typically, the pallet flow rack is supported by a modified pallet rack system in single-lane wide bays. Lanes vary from two to over 20 pallets deep.

Deep lanes are equipped with retarding rollers to control travel speed as the pallets flow from the charge end to the retrieval end.


  • Applications usually involve high pallet counts representing low numbers of SKUs, such as food processors
  • Can be used in dry storage, freezers and coolers
  • Live storage is used when large amounts of processing are required, particularly with FIFO (first in first out) stock rotation


  • Does not require specialized forklifts
  • FIFO system
  • Higher capital cost than static high density alternatives
  • Loads index automatically, therefore forklifts don’t have to enter the system
  • Not easily adjusted or reconfigured
  • Offers medium to high-density storage in flow lanes varying from two to over 20 pallets deep
  • Separate charge (replenishment) and pick (retrieval) aisles are required
  • Used to increase picking efficiency (case or pallet) on a FIFO basis

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