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Cabinets & Shelving by Rousseau (MyModel-R)



MyModel-R Cabinets & Shelving

ARPAC is proud to partner with Rousseau and offer our clients the ability to fully customize your commercial cabinet and shelving units using the MyModel-R online design tool. If you have any questions about how to use the tool or need help with your design, contact the expert team at ARPAC.

Customization options

Rousseau’s MyModel-R allows you to adapt every aspect of your shelving or cabinet unit in order to fully meet your needs. Here’s an overview of some of the customization options available to you:

  • Size. Set the desired height, depth and width of your cabinet or shelf. If you’re designing a stationary cabinet, you can opt for a single bank or a multi-drawer system, as well as a standard, recessed or forkliftable base. In addition, if you’re designing a mobile cabinet, you can choose between four- or six-inch casters.
  • Shelves and drawers. Select the number of drawers and roll-out shelves you want to include in your design. You can also set the height and space between each shelf or drawer and decide whether you want side or front access based on how much useable space you have.
  • Inserts. You can include oil-resistant and non-absorbent foam inserts that range from a quarter-inch thick to one-inch thick depending on your needs. If you prefer, you can choose from over 65 compartment configurations, groove trays, bins, cups or add hanging files for optimal organization.
  • Materials. If you’re designing a mobile or stationary cabinet, the top can be made of painted steel, stainless steel or laminated hardwood.
  • Locking mechanism. Both cabinet types can be equipped with either a keyed lock, padlock hasp or electronic combination. Furthermore, you can decide whether an integrated or econo lock-in mechanism is right for your needs.
  • Colours. Whether you want a single solid colour or a two-toned look, you can choose from 20 different shades for the cabinet housing, drawers and roll-out shelves.

Once you’re finished, you can view, print or request a quote for your design.

Customizable cabinet and shelving systems in Western Canada

If you want the ultimate in cabinet and shelving customization, look no further than Rousseau’s MyModel-R design tool. ARPAC is proud to partner with Rousseau and provide you with the capacity to design your own cabinet and shelving units. This is just is one of the many material handling solutions we’re happy to offer our clients in Western Canada. For more information, contact us at our Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver or Lethbridge location.

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