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Mezzanine Floors


Mezzanine Floors

Raised storage platforms may be designed as uninterrupted floor area or aisles (catwalks) located between and/or surrounding various types of storage systems.

They may consist of one or multiple elevations. Access is usually by a stairway, although goods can be transported to and from elevations by mechanical means, such as conveyors or forklifts.

Mezzanines are typically described as structural (longspan), pallet rack or shelving supported or bin-on-bin (stacked or hi-rise shelving units joined by catwalks).


  • Any facility where the building’s elevated area might otherwise remain unused.
  • An above-ground workspace, office or storage area.
  • Reclaim area that is otherwise wasted to maximize space.
  • Expand facility without increasing footprint.

Characteristics of Mezzanines

  • Build additional storage capacity without the need for forklifts.
  • Can utilize storage system to support the level above.
  • Create platform to facilitate manual picking operation.
  • If structure’s unique, it may have limited salvage value.
  • Manual order selector access to facilitate picking.
  • May require lighting and/or sprinkler installation.
  • May require permit from local licensing authority
  • Must be engineered to ensure safety and building code conformance.
  • Not easily relocated.

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