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This pallet rack system employs a very secure beam to frame connection creating a stable platform for use in selective, double deep, drive-in and pushback applications.

Two post profiles and a complete range of stepped beam capacities enables Arpac to cost effectively meet requirements ranging from a few bays of miscellaneous storage to the most complex multi-level pick tower.

Utilizing Mastorak ®, our professional engineering and sales team is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements, including the additional loads imposed under seismic conditions.


  • Typically used for storage of palletized or non-palletized loads with individual SKU access
  • Used for low to high-density storage


  • A cost effective solution for palletized storage
  • Adequate forklift aisles and clearances needed
  • Can be converted for storage of non-palletized loads
  • Common sizes offer high recovery value
  • Doesn’t require specialized forklift equipment
  • Each SKU can be individually stored and retrieved
  • Easily erected, adjusted and reconfigured
  • Racks must be installed plumb and level to achieve rated capacities
  • Recessed face profiles protects labels from forklift damage
  • Safe and secure, even for seismic zones

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