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Kelley® High Volume Low Speed Fans


Boasting nearly 60 years experience as the innovative leader in the movement of materials, Kelley is now advancing the efficient movement of air throughout industrial and commercial facilities with its FUSION™ Series HVLS large fans.

Kelly FUSION High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) large fans are designed to be the most energy efficient and durable fans in the industry. The slow moving air mass produced by the FUSION fan provides considerable benefits to employees, products and facilities.

  • Keep employees cool and comfortable. The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature.
  • Reduce energy consumption. Working with the HVAC system, HVLS large fans help regulate temperature from ceiling to floor, which can allow a facility to raise its thermostat setting 3-5 degrees creating the potential for up to a 4% energy savings per degree change.
  • Protect product integrity. Air circulation helps keep food and produce dry and fresh reducing spoilage. Running in reverse, HVLS fans help destratify air in refrigerated applications.
  • Improve working conditions. Floor condensation is minimized, keeping floors drier and safer for foot and motorized traffic. Kelley HVLS large fans can improve indoor air quality as well by dispersing fumes.
  • Contribute to LEED certification in various categories. Energy efficiency and atmosphere. Indoor environmental air quality. Innovation and design.