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iFAN Networked HLVS Fan Control System


With the iFAN® HVLS Fan Control, you’ll have the ability to network multiple HVLS fans within your warehouse and control them from one central place for convenience and highest energy efficiency.

iFAN allows you to maximize the benefit of their HLVS fan by enabling centralized fan control with specialized graphics to better simulate your facility. iFAN ’s graphics enables you to clearly pinpoint where their fans are located within a facility. They also enhance each fan’s visual appearance, aiding trouble shooting efforts, clarifying facility layout, and improving group fan control.

Design Highlights

  • Allows an entire series of fans to be networked and controlled from a centralized location
  • Fans can be controlled individually, by zones, or for the entire facility
  • Four fan groups included in base package
  • Includes All-in-one touchscreen, flat panel computer with 1080p high definition display
  • Computer includes license key to enable proprietary 4SIGHT™ software. One license per configuration
  • Customized graphic display of facility and fan locations
  • Navigation buttons allow quick access to key operational and performance screens
  • Available with all sizes and voltages of Serco® ATEC™ fans
  • Communication established by “daisy chaining” fans together via 4 wire conductor cable
  • Computer includes desktop stand and VESA wall mount

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