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Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock: Bolt- On Dock Bridge


Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock : Your Bolt- On Solution!

With premium features such as lug style lip hinge, reliable hydraulic lifting system, tire laminated bumpers and an integral maintenance strut, Kelley’s Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler offers the industry a proven design for maximum efficiency, durability and powered performance.
Design Highlights
  • Push-button operation eliminates manual lifting
  • Efficient and reliable hydraulic lifting system
  • Exclusive Lug Style Lip Hinge provides superior strength and extended life
  • High Strength Steel Tread Plate (Ramp & Lip)
  • Robotic Welding for improved strength, quality and consistency
  • Operating Range is 5″ (127 mm) above to 5″ (127 mm) below dock
  • Effective Working Range is 3” (72.6 mm) above to 3” (72.6 mm) below dock
  • Lower Profile Design reduces interference with material handling equipment
  • Beveled Lip Edge (11 degrees) provides smooth interface with trailers
  • 15” (381 mm) Lip Standard (Optional 17” (432 mm) lip available for refrigerated trailers)
  • Tire Laminated Bumpers mounted to steel bumper blocks – 16” (406 mm) projection
  • Exclusive EZ-Hang installation system simplifies install
  • Integral Maintenance / Service Strut

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