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HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler by Serco


The Hydraulic Rail Leveler is designed specifically for rail car operations. With the same vertical storing and safety features as its dock leveler counterpart, the Rail Leveler is an ideal solution to increase efficiency during rail car loading operations.

Design Highlights
  • Leveler powered down to Working Range VIA Constant Pressure Push-Button
  • “Quick Cycle” Powered-In/Powered-Out Hydraulic Lip Activation
  • 20” Lip Standard
  • Steel NEMA 12 Control Panel Interlock (Interlock Capable) with Raise, Lower, Lip In, Lip Out, Mushroom-style Stop, Amber and Green Illuminated Operation Indicator Lights
  • Integrally Mounted Power Unit, Valves and Solenoids
  • Manual Side Shift Capabilities
  • Amber Pilot Light Indicated Power On
  • 6“High Runoff Guards
  • Structural Channel Deck Beams
  • Integral Maintenance Lock Bar with Lock-Out/Tag-Out Capability
  • Includes Endloading Capability
  • Reduced Lip Crown/Extended Lip Chamfer

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