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HP Hydraulic Dock Leveler


Kelley’s HP dock leveler provides automatic hydraulic operation with a single push-button activation and a mechanically activated lip. The HP’s unique GRAVITY LIP™ automatically extends the lip in a smooth, quiet fashion as the dock leveler descends into the vehicle.

Design Highlights

  • New! Exclusive SafeTFrame® Design
  • Lug Style Lip Hinge & Lambda Beam Structure
  • GRAVITY LIP™ Mechanical Lip Extension
  • T.E.N.V. Pump/Motor Assembly & Regenerative Hydraulics
  • Non-Metallic Push-button Control Panel (Non-Interlock Capable)
  • Single Phase or Three Phase Power
  • Hydraulic Velocity Fuse Safety Stop
  • Open Subframe Design
  • Automatic Retracting Dock Level Support Legs
  • Full Operating Range Toe Guards
  • Below-dock Endloading Capability
  • 16″ Lip Standard
  • Fixed Rear Hinge – No Pinch Points
  • Integral Maintenance Strut & Lip Support Latch
  • Heavy-duty B410-14F Dock Bumpers