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E-Z-Rect Trim-Line Shelving


E-Z-Rect Trim-Line

Trim-Line shelving is suitable for medium and lighter duty applications. While attractive for use in retail environments, this versatile system can easily be adapted for industrial uses or with mobile carriages for efficient high-density records storage.


  • Accessible from both sides
  • Adjustable vertically in 1″ increments
  • Customize your storage area by selecting any combination of width, depth and height
  • Designed for safety, it meets seismic considerations
  • Easy to install and adjust without special tools
  • High-density storage saves floor space and increases storage capacity
  • Offers storage solutions for office, warehouse, institutional or retail environments
  • Suitable for manual loading
  • Versatile and sturdy

Popular component and shelf sizes for Type 1 and Trim-Line are available from inventory for immediate delivery. For assistance, please contact us.

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