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A wind resistant, high speed rubber door

Designed for Use in High Wind Applications
The DYNACO S-741 is an extremely durable high performance door with refined and improved side guides for enhanced rubber panel retention in high winds.

This high speed door was designed to provide uninterrupted functionality, reliability and performance while maintaining maximum workflow, safety and efficiency.

Provides Safe Operational Efficiency
As with all DYNACO doors, you get a wireless reversing edge, photo sensors and an optional light curtain for unmatched safety.

This robust system with an eye for safety and environmental control provides years of reliable high performance.


Features & Benefits

  • Allows smooth traffic flows: High opening and closing speed
  • Resistant to high static wind pressure: Superior seal with optional guide gussets for enhanced retention
  • Options for high operational wind load: A rolling wind bar can be mounted to either side of the door
  • Low cost of ownership: Springless System Direct Drive Unit
  • Extreme durability: Designed for abusive environments with a durable SBR curtain
  • Safety sensors to avoid collisions: Photo-cells come standard; light curtain optional
  • Uninterrupted production and material flow: Rubber panel can be reset manually in minutes to reduce down-time


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