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Limit air flow leaks and particulate generation

Save energy
The DYNACO D-313 CLEANROOM flexible high speed roll up door is ideal to seal off cleanrooms. It keeps pressure levels stable, contaminants out and limits air consumption.

You can build airlocks with this high speed door and keep your cleanroom in over- or under-pressure. The flexible PVC door curtain is pressure resistant. The superior and tight seal keeps clean air in and contaminated air out, resulting in significant energy savings.

Limit air exchange and reduce costs
Thanks to its high opening and closing speed the amount of time this high speed roll up door remains open is limited to a minimum. This minimizes air leakage. It helps to optimize the operational cost of your cleanroom.

Equipped with low friction side guides, a self-reinserting door curtain and a minimum of wearing parts, the DYNACO D-311 CLEANROOM roll up door requires little maintenance. Free of rigid elements in the curtain, this high speed door is safe for your staff and equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimize open time thanks to the fast door cycle: up to 120 in/s opening speed – 24 in/s closing speed
  • Energy savings and limited air leakage: excellent seal and patented side guides
  • Maintain constant pressure levels: pressure resistant flexible door curtain
  • Keep contaminants and airborne particles out: superior seal around the full perimeter of the door
  • Safe for personnel and equipment: flexible curtain without rigid elements avoids injuries and damages
  • Silent operation: low Friction technology guarantees silent operation


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