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Drive-In Racking



Available in both Roll Formed & Structural Steel

It’s a high-density rack system for palletized storage utilizing a tunnel arrangement where loads are placed on support rails accommodating two or more pallets in depth. Since storage is on a FILO (first in last out) basis, one or more tunnels are usually dedicated to multiples of the same SKU.

Characteristics of Drive-in Pallet Racking

  • Specialized forklift equipment not required.
  • FILO system, or First In, Last Out.
  • Higher cost than Selective or Double Deep, but less than dynamic alternatives.
  • Not easily adjusted or reconfigured
  • Potentially very high-density, but poorly utilized if not properly applied
  • Restricted to uniform size pallets that must be structurally sound
  • Place & picking cycles will increase with deeper tunnels.

A unique benefit in working with Arpac is our experience in finding the right solution; then manufacturing it. We start with your needs, then engineer and design it for your facility. At Arpac the goal is meeting your requirements for a safe productive workplace.

Contact us for a no cost application analysis to help us deliver what makes sense to you.

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