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Double Deep Racking



Available in both Roll Formed & Structural Steel

Double Deep Pallet Rack is the first step towards increasing the density of your storage system, and with a cost per pallet position that is close to selective racking, the density is affordable. With some quality planning and or the assistance of a warehouse management system, most facilities are able to manage a fill rate average close to 85 percent.

When choosing a Double Deep Pallet Rack system the aisle width and beam length need to be carefully considered to ensure productivity is maintained. When the correct design is married to modern high efficiency Double Reach equipment, Double Deep is often the best option for even the highest volume warehouse facilities.

A unique benefit in working with Arpac is our experience in finding the right solution for you; then manufacturing it. If a one piece 50′ tall End Frame is required; we can make it happen. Need 13′ roll formed Load Beams; we can do it. At Arpac the goal is meeting your requirements for a safe productive workplace.

Contact us for a no cost application analysis to help us deliver what makes sense to you.

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