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Dock Guard Safety Gates by Serco


The Serco Dock Guard™ Safety Gate, in a closed position, protects personnel, goods and equipment from inadvertently falling off the loading dock through an open dock door. In a raised position, the Safety Gate allows free traffic movement from the dock to the truck bed. The Dock Guard is tested to stop a 15,000-lb. load travelling at 4 mph without any damage to the pivoting mechanism or support structure.

Design Highlights:

  • Manual or Powered Operation
  • Protection for 8’, 9’ and 10’ Wide Door Openings
  • Capable of Stopping 15,000 lbs. Load at 4 MPH
  • 30” High Barrier PLC Programmable Controller (DGB-P only)
  • Steel NEMA 12 Push-button Control Panel (Interlock Capable) (DGB-P only)
  • Electrical reversing Edge on Barrier Arm (DGB-P only)
  • Red/Green LED Interior & Exterior Light Communication System (DGB-P only)
  • Left or Right Side Operation
  • Painted Safety yellow
  • Independent of Dock Leveler