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Carton Flow Systems


Carton Flow

Carton Flow is a high-density live storage system. Often referred to as a FIFO (first in first out) system. Cartons are loaded on to one side of the system, and driven by gravity to gently flow to the other side, for unloading.

Carton Flow is used in many applications, including commercial, industrial, distribution centers, automotive, grocery, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, in fact any business that requires a high density first in, first out type of inventory rotation.

Characteristics of Carton Flow

  • Can substantially reduce labour costs over traditional static systems.
  • Typically requires far less space, due to the nature of its high-density design.
  • Available in numerous configurations.
  • Adaptable to many different types of tracks depending on the required application.
  • Available as stand alone units.
  • Can be an integral component in existing racking or shelving systems.

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