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All Season Doors


All Season Modular Doors

Like a chameleon, IronGuard’s multi-purpose modular door can be changed to suit a different environment.

All Season Modular Panel System Use screen mesh panels in the spring and summer to allow fresh air in and keep insects out. Replace mesh panels with vinyl or clear panels in the fall and winter to create a solid barrier from the cold. Weldscreen PVC can also be used to form a barrier against UV light.

High Speed & Easy to Install In-tube motors allow the door to travel at speeds up to 14″ per second. The ZIP-SPEED model features a heavy-duty, high-cycle, higher speed external jackshaft motor that opens the door at a rate of 36” per second.Installs up to 40% faster than other doors. Mounts in jamb, on the face of a wall, or around an existing overhead door.

Improve Work Environment Increase employee comfort while deterring theft and trespassing.

Safety Features Bottom breakaway bar, optional photo-eye, and optional reversing edge.

Activation Styles
Spring-loaded tube or chain hoist for manual activation and in-tube or external motors for automatic activation.