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Western Canada’s Leader in Air and Hydraulic Levelers, Door Seals, and Shelters

At ARPAC, we are more than just warehouse equipment. In fact, we are the leader in providing loading docks the equipment they need to optimize their logistics operation.

After all, the loading dock is your business’s lifeline, and when you have issues, that can impact productivity and your entire business suffers. Your shipping and receiving efficiency may also be negatively impacted, which means every minute of downtime is wasted money.

SERCO 3335 dock Leveler ARPAC 

Solutions for Your Loading Dock in Vancouver, Edmonton & Calgary

We have a full array of equipment that suits almost any logistics operation, including:

  • Air Powered Levelers – Choose from our air-powered dock levelers that help you keep a safe, efficient loading dock while removing obstacles when you no longer need to load or unload.
  • Hydraulic and Mechanical Dock Levelers – If you do not want an air-powered unit, we also have a hydraulic series for maximum weight capacity and heavy-duty mechanical levelers.
  • Energy Smart and Saving Products – Our goal is to make your loading dock efficient, but also energy smart. Your loading dock doors often remain open, which means you are losing air and adding to your heating and cooling costs. Consider our strip curtains, which are flexible and fit to your openings. We also offer our Energy Guard for maximum heat and cooling control. Don’t lose energy and money in the cold winters across Alberta and BC. Use our energy smart products.
  • Door Seals and Shelters – Keep out pests, insects, and the weather with a door seal and dock shelter from ARPAC. We offer a full array of brands and types, including air inflatable rail shelters, mechanical shelters, and our FoamSide shelters.
  • Loading Dock Accessories for Every Operation – What is a loading dock without the fancy accessories to boost your efficiency? We offer everything from safety gates and door locks to a master control panel, high volume fans in your warehouse, and an iFAN network control system to put you in control of your interior temperatures.

Whether you are creating a new warehouse, or looking to optimize your existing space, contact our team at ARPAC to find the solutions that take your warehouse to the next level of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings year-round.

Find an ARPAC near You Today

Whether you need forklifts for your Vancouver warehouse, repairs, training, or you would like to use some of our dock level items and accessories to optimize your loading dock space, ARPAC is your partner in logistics and warehouse safety and efficiency.

Our sales staff is ready to help you find products that suit your budget, but also help maximize the return on your investment. We also off an array of forklift and dock equipment rentals (with over 700 units to choose from) so you can add to your business during the busy season and decrease during slower times without taking on the full cost of purchasing a system.


Learn more about the products we can use to improve your loading dock by calling an ARPAC sales professional toll-free at 800-946-8511. Fill out an online form to request more information about our forklift repairs, maintenance programs, and dock levelers along with our rental program for forklifts in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver areas.