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Consider Used Forklifts

Consider Used Forklifts for Your Vancouver Warehouse Equipment

Forklifts are extremely useful machines across industries and job sites. They can be a big investment, but also have a big payoff when it comes to increasing productivity, safety, and efficiency in your workplace. Certain jobs simply must require a forklift, but why not go with a used forklift? There are many advantages to buying used equipment for your business in Vancouver. If you are looking for inexpensive forklifts that are still safe, reliable, and a sound investment, contact Arpac today.

3 Advantages of Buying a Used Forklift

No matter the make or model you are interested in, there are plenty of pre-owned options available. Here are the top three reasons that a used forklift in Vancouver may suit your business needs:

  1. Price – The obvious advantage of buying used warehouse equipment is the cost savings. Avoid the huge investment price of a brand new machine and instead opt for an equally capable forklift with a lower price tag. With so many manufacturing businesses closing or choosing to move operations offshore, it is not surprising that there are a lot of used forklifts available at a fraction of the price of a new model.
  2. Quality – ‘Used’ and ‘cheap’ forklifts are not the same as ‘worn’ or ‘outdated’ machines. Top of the line forklifts are available from aforementioned business closures. Check the hour meter, like you would on a vehicle’s odometer, to understand the use history of the machine. Proper paperwork should be checked, but rest assured that there are plenty of machines available at reduced prices that do not mean you have to sacrifice quality, performance, or reliability.
  3. Maintenance – You will not only enjoy savings with your upfront purchase, but also in the future when it comes to maintenance fees and service costs. Production machinery repair providers are readily available to outsource, and older forklifts are less expensive to repair than brand new machines. Work with a reliable forklift dealer in Vancouver for a comprehensive service plan and a mutually beneficial arrangement that contributes to savings.

Arpac can help you find the perfect used forklift for your jobsite. From specific makes and models to extensive maintenance plans, our team will help you find a cheap forklift to get the job done fast. Let us help you find the perfect pre-owned forklift in Vancouver.

Call us today at 1-800-946-8511 or check out our forklifts online. We offer a full range of services from forklift operator training to forklift repairs, and both new and used forklifts. Reach us by filling out an online form to receive more information.