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Used Electric Lift Trucks, The Good, and The Bad

In this world of rapidly changing technology, it is getting harder and harder to know what to look for in a new electric lift truck let alone a used one. There are so many things to consider yet most people only focus on the up-front cost. Here is a quick run thru on things you need to be aware of.

arpac unicarrier forklift

  1. The dealership which represents the brand of the equipment will always have a vested interest in the performance of the equipment.
    Companies solely focused on selling used equipment typically do not even know the true repair history, they do not have a commitment to use high-quality OEM parts, and they have too many excuses available when the product fails.
  1. When a forklift needs to be replaced, if the customer was pleased with the performance of the equipment, they usually return to the dealer who sold it to them. Always be suspicious of an equipment dealer selling an off brand, it’s a good bet it was purchased at an auction or was shipped in as part of a used equipment package deal purchased online. Good reliable trucks are almost always re-purchased by the brand name dealer, and that dealership typically has a loyal lower use customer in mind when considering a new home for the equipment; it won’t sit in their inventory very long.
  1. When considering the purchase of a used electric lift truck never look at the price from a package perspective. Break out the components!
    • New Electric Forklift with Battery & Charger selling for $55,000.

            The price of just the Battery & Charger are typically around 20% to 25% of the total.

    • Used Electric Forklift with Battery & Charger selling for $15,000.

    The price of the Battery & Charger are typically around 80% of the total.

    Work out the numbers. If the used forklift is only worth $3,000 , you need to spend more than that for a piece of equipment your business will depend on.

  1. How much warranty are they willing to offer on the used equipment?
    I would never buy anything from a company willing to sell something “AS-IS”, if it’s not worth at least a 30-day warranty you should not buy it.  The better equipment brands like CROWN have an ENCORE offering of Used Equipment that has been thoroughly reconditioned, and received extensive inspections on both the operation, and the safety of the equipment. The warranty offered on the Crown ENCORE includes 1-year for major components, with no hour limits. Wearable parts carry a 90-day warranty, the same as a new truck.
  1. My final item to consider is the most important, how much will the lift tuck get used?
    If on a typical shift the equipment hour meter is registering more than 4 hours, or the environment your lift truck works in is harsh, you should be buying a new lift truck.

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