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Maintaining your forklift

Once you’ve bought your used forklift in Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary, it’s time to learn how to keep it running as though it were still brand new. Maintaining your forklift is not only done to avoid needless repairs and part replacement, but also to prevent accidents and keep the workplace safe. Let us at ARPAC show you the necessary steps to keeping your forklift running smoothly and safe to use.



The first step in maintaining your forklift is to ensure that it’s cleaned properly and regularly.

The following is a checklist to use when cleaning your forklift:

  1. Remove Dust first: any signs of dust or loose dirt should be removed first. It’s recommended that you move from top to bottom when doing this due to the downward flow of dirt as you clean the machine. Buildup of dust and dirt can be detrimental to the functionality of your forklift.
  2. Use a pressure washer: using a pressure washer is the safest and most efficient way to clean your forklift.
  3. Use protective equipment: due to the harmful substances that go with running a forklift, it’s important to cover all exposed areas of skin when cleaning your machine.


A proper inspection should be performed prior to each use of your company’s forklift. This checklist includes a number of points that ensure the machine is running correctly and can be used safely.

  1. Inspecting forks and chains: these should be inspected to ensure they are properly lubricated and functioning correctly.
  2. Controls: these should be checked to make sure they do not stick and that they rebound to their original position when used.
  3. Guards and covers: inspect all guards and covers (for battery and electronics) to ensure that none are loose.
  4. Tires: check for chunking and gashes that might affect the manoeuvrability of your lift.


This section is reserved for those who use an electric forklift. Batteries are incredibly expensive, so it’s important to care for and maintain them to maximize their longevity.

  1. Check and maintain water levels
  2. Make sure battery is only charged when completely drained
  3. Make sure battery is unplugged after each use
  4. Upgrade to a high frequency charger. These industrial batteries are powerful, fast and energy-efficient.

Scheduled maintenance

Make sure you schedule regular maintenance for your forklift. Like any machine, a forklift has certain parts that need to be changed regularly and by a trained technician. For annual maintenance and servicing needs, please consult our website.

If you’re in the market for a quality used forklift in Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary, contact us here and come check out what we have in stock. Let ARPAC show you how easy it can be to buy a used forklift.