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4 signs it’s time to upgrade your forklift fleet

Upgrading your forklift fleet represents a major investment, but there are many instances in which this decision pays off in the long run, whether it’s by increasing your company’s productivity, enhancing warehouse safety or averting equipment breakdowns. Here are four signs that it’s time to upgrade your forklift fleet.


1.Your forklifts are past their prime

As forklifts gets near the end of their lifespan, the costs of keeping them operational can rise steeply. The motors, drivetrain, mast, hydraulics, and various other components need more frequent and expensive maintenance and repair with age. For most forklifts, this shift occurs at between 8,000 and 10,000 hours of usage depending on the application, which translates to six or seven years in a busy warehouse operation.


2.Your equipment breaks down

If a forklift breaks down regularly, despite regular maintenance and repairs, it’s probably time to retire it. Not only does it cost a lot to keep a defective forklift operational, sudden breakdowns lead to downtime and productivity losses for your business.

In addition, equipment failures can be dangerous to your warehouse staff. They can result in dropped loads and other workplace accidents that can have serious consequences.


3.The technology you’re using is obsolete

If your forklifts date back to another decade, you may want to consider whether you wouldn’t benefit from a fleet featuring the latest technology. Newer forklifts tend to be higher performance than older models. They also have more robust safety features and, thanks to innovations in engine technology, operate with greater energy efficiency, saving you money on fuel. An added bonus is the new troubleshooting technology, the advancement allows for faster repairs.


4.Your business operations have changed

If your business has evolved a lot over the years, you may have outgrown your material handling equipment. For example, if you’ve recently upgraded your storage systems, a new forklift model may be better adapted to the new configuration and allow your warehouse operation to be more streamlined and efficient.

In some cases, updating your fleet is essential to the safety of your workplace. For example, if your company has begun transporting heavier cargo, you’ll need to ensure that your lift trucks can safely handle these heavier loads.


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