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Purchasing used forklifts

Purchasing Used Forklifts: All You Need to Know

When buying used forklifts, the most important thing is that you do not want to inherit a past owner’s problem. After all, they are selling their forklift for a reason, and you need to ensure that the reason is not that they need to get rid of a poor quality unit.

While shopping for a used forklift, you may think it involves picking out the brand and style you want and then doing a quick inspection, but there is a lot more to finding a quality used piece of heavy equipment.

Inspect Thoroughly Before You Buy

Whether it is a Nissan or Crown forklift, they all have similar main components and these are what you should inspect before purchasing.

  • Forks and Mast – Face the front of the forklift and look for cracks, bends or other issues that may indicate the forks and masts were overloaded. Minor bends can be repaired, but deep or large cracks could mean the forklift will be unsafe.
  • Mast Rails, Lift Chains and Cylinders – Next, look over the rails for any cracks or signs that there are weldments that were added in the field. This could indicate a mast structural issue. Excessive wear on the rollers could also mean the machine was worked too hard. Lastly, you will want to check the cylinders for scoring, and hydraulic fluid seeping.
  • Frame, Cowling and Canopy – Walk around the forklift thoroughly and look for any signs of damage. The main canopy supports should not have any bends or damage which can put the operator at risk. Side screens should be in good condition as well. Also, make sure you check the chassis and look for any repair welds, cracks or signs of recent modifications.
  • Engine – Turn on the forklift and try to operate it. Make a few manoeuvres as well to ensure it handles as it should. Then, open the engine compartment and look for leaks, cracks or excessive debris. Belts should be tight and have no signs of cracks. Battery connections should be solid and you should not see any missing bolts, signs of rust or frayed wires.

In order to get a quality used forklift, it makes sense to visit a company that represents the brands you are interested in as a new Original Equipment Manufacturer dealer. An OEM dealer will likely have the repair and use history of the equipment, and have a personal stake in the reputation of the product. A dealer who only sells used item has no personal “skin in the game”, their reputation is not in jeopardy as they can blame the product or the past customers. An OEM dealer can make a mistake, but they have a much greater reason to make things right, poor customer service could cost them the line.

Arpac is the only OEM dealer in Alberta and B.C. for Crown, UniCarriers (formerly Nissan Forklift), and Taylor-Dunn. We offer New, Used, and Certified Used Equipment, to ensure you receive equipment that is matched to the needs of your application.

Call us at 800-946-8511 or check out our used inventory online today. Fill out an online contact form to request more information regarding your used forklift needs.