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Partner with ARPAC to Minimize Downtime with Your Forklifts

As a busy logistics company or warehouse, you cannot risk having your forklifts, order picking machines, and heavy equipment breakdown. When your warehouse equipment is down, every minute that goes by is money wasted. Then there’s the hit to your business reputation when customers fail to receive their deliveries on time!

Companies in Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary will talk about their skills in repairing down forklifts, but what you need is a firm that excels at the planned maintenance that, if done properly, can help you prevent downtime.  ARPAC offers repair and maintenance services for your entire fleet of forklifts and equipment. We want you to maximize the return on your investment, but also prevent you from having to lose money while waiting for a critical piece of equipment to get back up and running.

ARPAC minimize downtime crown forklift

How Can ARPAC Help Minimize Downtime?

ARPAC offers a variety of options to help improve your company’s efficiency and reduce downtime, including:

  • Forklift Maintenance Programs: One of the best ways to reduce downtime is scheduled preventative maintenance on your forklifts. Our team offers scheduled, planned maintenance programs along with consistent pricing helping you to budget for these service calls year-round. When our technicians arrive, they bring the materials necessary for a full system check and service. Our team maintains a service log for every forklift we service at your facility. We also offer inspection services, where we check on your existing equipment periodically to help prevent issues lurking that will halt your operation in the future.
  • Forklift Operator Training: To ensure your equipment lasts, you need to make sure employees are using it properly. ARPAC offers forklift operator training for novices, in-house trainers, and even for initial certification or recertification. Our training is hosted in BC and Alberta, and all our trainers are certified.
  • Forklift Repairs: One of the benefits of a planned maintenance program is monitoring potential issues and planning the downtime so the repair is completed when your business can afford to be down, and the machine repaired. You can’t prevent repairs or breakdowns 100%. However, this method of scheduled planned maintenance and monitoring wear on equipment is as good as it gets.  When a need does occur for an unscheduled repair, the knowledge we have thru the PM services will help us respond and be ready to complete the repair as quickly as possible.  Should the repair be of a nature that will prevent us from getting the equipment back up and running fast enough for your business needs, ARPAC Rentals will be ready and willing with more than 700 units to choose from.  Whether it’s a 1-day rental, or a multi year Long Term Rental (LTR), ARPAC has a term and price suitable for the application.

Planning your New Equipment Acquisitions – Call ARPAC

Another benefit of a planned maintenance program is using the service information on the equipment to plan future replacements. This helps you to avoid unplanned rental costs while you’re waiting for new equipment deliveries.  Once you decide that you need to replace your existing forklift, or you would like to expand your fleet, contact our friendly, professional sales team. We know how important it is to maintain maximum efficiency, which is why our sales professionals will help you find a forklift that suits your budget and warehouse needs.

We carry a full range of world-class forklift options, including narrow-aisle reach units, stock picking units, swing mast units, and more. We also carry replacement components, attachments, batteries, attachments and more to keep your operation running at peak capacity for years.

For questions about our maintenance program, or to learn more about how ARPAC can expedite your forklift repairs, contact our team toll-free at 800-946-8511. Fill out an online form to request information about our forklifts in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary or to learn more about our forklift training program so that you can certify your team.